Comprehensive services for business

Since our establishment, our primary goal has been to provide clients with holistic legal services tailored to their business needs. Each member of our legal team contributes by offering expert legal opinions on solutions, crafting and negotiating agreements, and facilitating settlements to efficiently resolve disputes.  

Moreover, our team members specialize in various areas of law, including legal proceedings, negotiations, employment law, copyright law, tax law, as well as the law of new technologies and e-commerce. 

In our day-to-day operations, we are engaged in drafting contracts, assisting with corporate matters such as the establishment of new companies, preparation of resolutions, conducting meetings, and navigating transformations, mergers, divisions, or liquidation of companies.  

With extensive experience in overseeing company and real estate acquisitions, our services cover the entire process, starting with auditing and progressing through the review and negotiation of transactions from both legal and tax perspectives. Our support extends even after the transaction is closed, ensuring smooth registration and implementation of changes related to the acquisition.

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