Court and Authority Representation

We represent our clients in civil, employment, administrative, and criminal cases, offering high competence, loyalty, full confidentiality. The value and quality of the above is supported by years of courtroom experience.  

In addition, we conduct disputes by establishing a strategy from the outset, planning the next steps on an ongoing basis to achieve the goal. 

In civil litigation, particularly cases involving payments, we provide comprehensive representation, managing the debt collection process, from initiating payment requests to enforcing debts. Our support extends to disputes in contract law, property law (including servitude and succession), family law, and inheritance law. Recognizing the evolving landscape of judicial processes in Poland, we assist our clients in negotiations and mediation, striving for alternative dispute resolutions through settlements and other agreements. 


In criminal proceedings, we operate both at the pre-trial and judicial stages, serving as defenders and agents of auxiliary prosecutors. Our legal representation services also cover tax, administrative, and judicial-administrative proceedings. 

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