Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We specialize in services related to mergers, acquisitions, and changes in the ownership structure of companies. Our range of services starts with the initial stage, involving the submission of statements, letters of intent, and offers. Subsequently, we conduct thorough due diligence, covering corporate regulations, taxes, asset rights, contractual obligations, employment regulations, and administrative law. 

Guided by our findings, we provide strategic recommendations for the transaction structure. Actively participating in the negotiation process, we play a essential role in preparing purchase agreements, investment agreements, and the transfer of selected assets. To mitigate transaction risks, we recommend and implement appropriate contractual provisions and safeguards.

Our support extends to navigating the complexities of concentration approvals and obtaining necessary administrative consents. We also draft and negotiate the legal terms of investment agreements among shareholders. Post-transaction, we offer legal services

related to registering changes in relevant registers and executing contractual provisions. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to clients in addressing any issues identified during the transaction preparation. 

In international transactions, we collaborate with local law firms, overseeing and coordinating their work to ensure seamless support for our clients, considering the nuances of different legal systems. 


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