Real Estate Transactions

We deliver comprehensive legal support for real estate transactions, encompassing various aspects. Our services extend to aiding in the purchase and sale of commercial properties, whether through asset deals or share deals, as well as assisting in office space rentals. Additionally, we specialize in conducting legal and tax due diligence for real estate transactions. 

Our assistance involves the drafting of contracts and clauses related to transactions, including aspects such as security, escrow accounts, and easements. In actively participating in the negotiation process, we not only highlight legal investment risks but also provide advice on strategies to minimize them. We conduct thorough analyses of the tax implications associated with real estate transactions.

Our overarching priority is aligning with the client’s business goals while ensuring the legal security of the transaction, its settlement, and the subsequent utilization of the real estate. This commitment extends to ongoing support in real estate lease transactions, managing them with a focus on extension, renovation, co-ownership, and troubleshooting issues related to ownership and rental. 

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